As an F&B manager I find Boomerang Bay mixers to be the complete solution to mixers I have found in the industry. Quality, taste, value, It's all there. Not to mention the wonderful benefits of the antioxidants and natural energy!!
- Lisa D., Chicago, IL

We have never sold so many Bloody Marys in all our years of business!! Customers love this stuff!!! And we love the profit!!
- Dan K., St Louis, MO

Boomerang Bay is the absolute best bloody Mary mix I have tried! No additional "non-alcoholic" ingredients are necessary. The mix is hearty and not some watered down mix. Love it!!
- Brian G., Terre Haute, IN

While most bloody mary mixes require additional spices & flavoring to make the "perfect" drink, Boomerang Bay stands alone as a very thick, meaty & hearty mix, plus you get the added nutritional benefits. It is a must for bloody mary lovers to try & an excellent gift as well. Just add your favorite vodka & you are sure to fall in love!
- Tonya S., Indianapolis, IN

Very flavorful, and unique in the fact that it contains vitamins. Boomerang Bay IS our mix of choice!
- Scott B., Chicago Il

I thought that my family's bloody mary recipe was second to none until I tried Boomerang Bay. Now the decades old family recipe is second----by far!
- David T., Pinehurst NC