It's time for you to discover the latest in drink mixes... Boomerang Bay

At Boomerang Bay, we have developed our line of drink mixes to achieve not only the very best tasting mixes but also drink mixes that are beneficial to your health. We enrich our products with our proprietary blend of antioxidants, herbal supplements and vitamins to create an invigorating, energizing beverage without the addition of caffeine or taurine.

In addition to the healthful benefits and great taste, our mixes
are complete - meaning all you need to prepare your drinks is add a splash of your favorite alcohol and some ice!

Bloody Mary Mix: It has been said by many that our Bloody Mary Mix is the most exciting thing to mix with vodka since the introduction of many popular energy drinks. Our Bloody Mary mix is bold and delicious, with a little kick from the garlic, horseradish and white pepper.
A salute to our Canadian neighbors to the
north! Our Bloody mix with just the right
amount of Clam Juice creates a perfectly
balanced Bloody Caesar.
Our version of the perfect golden margarita
has hints of orange and other natural fruit
flavors. Mix with quality tequila and enjoy a
smooth and great tasting margarita!
A variety of natural tropical juice flavors
come alive making way to our delicious Rum
Runner! Just like the Florida original! All
that's left to do is mix with your favorite rum.
Or try it with Vodka or as an addition to other
cocktails replacing cranberry juice!
Take yourself to the tropics with Boomerang
Bay Pina Colada. Generous amounts of Cream
of Coconut and natural fruit flavors create an
incredibly smooth refreshing cocktail. Even try
it on the rocks with dark rum!

Not too sweet and not too tart. Our Straw-
berry Daiquiri Cocktail has loads of straw-
berry puree giving it a bright fresh fruity
flavor. Just add the ice and rum. Also, try it
added to our Margarita or Pina Colada mix
for a new twist!

Below we have listed some generally accepted benefits of the ingredients, supplemental vitamins and herbs contained in our proprietary blend by Herbalists and Wellness Experts.

Potassium - A key electrolyte helping to make proteins from amino acids while turning glucose into glycogen as a source of energy

Vitamin A - Contains antioxidant properties neutralizing free radicals that cause tissue and cell damage while aiding in the hydration of the eyes and other membranes

Vitamin C - Potent antioxidant and vital structural component of blood vessels

Vitamin B Complex (Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid) - Provides increased energy, stabilize mood and insures proper nerve function

Vitamin D - Helps to reduce blood pressure and modulates glucose levels to stabilize blood sugar

Vitamin E - An antioxidant that protects tissue and cell membranes from damage by oxidation, promotes healthy circulatory system, and plays an important role in forming red blood cells

Inositol - Facilitates nerve cell communication and works to transport fats throughout the body

Milk Thistle Extract - Stimulates antioxidants to neutralize cell damaging toxins in the liver

Green Tea Extract - Contains the highest concentration of polyphenol antioxidants, also used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote digestion, prevent blood vessel constriction, as well as an energizing stimulant

Panax Ginseng - Nervous system stimulant that boosts energy metabolically converting glucose into energy

The preceding statements are paraphrased excerpts from various sources which can be requested by sending an email to . In the statements above, Boomerang Bay LLC claims no licensed medical knowledge and reserves the right to amend or remove any of the above claims at any time.